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Review NCLEX Practice Questions Anywhere, Anytime

NCLEX Mastery will have you prepared with thousands of practice questions and rationales based on past NCLEX exams.

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Get Clarification with Rationales and Photos

NCLEX Mastery will have you prepared with thousands of NCLEX practice questions and rationales.

Why do nursing students love our app?

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    Practice Questions

    1600 meticulously crafted NCLEX practice questions with rationales and pictures

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    The most comprehensive list of NCLEX mnemonics for quick memorization

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    Quickly review and tag loads of nursing related terminology

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    Practice Quizzes

    Get in the testing mindset with the quiz format and review your results instantly

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    My Progress

    Track your overall performance and speed by NCLEX exam categories

Refine your exam approach with quizzes

Ready to take your studies up a notch? Quizzes contain unique questions across all categories. Review your results instantly with full explanations and statistics.

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Track Your Study Progress

In depth statistics that display your strengths and weaknesses.

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We truly believe NCLEX Mastery apps are the best way for students to prepare for the NCLEX. We are so confident you will love our apps that we give not just 1 but 2 guarantees.

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    If you buy the full version of the app and attend an accredited U.S. nursing school, we will DOUBLE your money back if you fail the NCLEX.

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    We want to make sure there is absolutely no risk to you. So on top of the free version we offer, we also offer a 14 day money back guarantee.

    Buy the full version of the app and use it for 2 full weeks. If you are not 100% thrilled with the app, just send us your receipt and we will give you a full refund.

About NCLEX Mastery

NCLEX Mastery was created by former nursing students and nursing professionals with 2 simple goals:

  1. Create a tool that can make sure students are ready for the NCLEX.
  2. Secondly, do whatever we can to help grow the nursing community.

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I truly love this app. My school did a NCLEX predictor, my first try I got a 81% chance of passing the NCLEX my first attempt. I used your app for 3 weeks, retook the test and my score was a 93% chance of passing NCLEX on the first try.

Ashley | Nursing Student

I have been using this app to study for HESI exit exam and was able to raise my score by almost 200 points from my 1st practice exam 2 months ago. The content, ease of use, rationales, lab values, and mnemonics are a great help, as well as the statistics they provide to show how you’re doing.

Katherine | Nursing Student

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NCLEX RN Mastery

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